About The Team

Team Vaayushastra was formed in 2012 to represent Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering in SAE Aero Design Competitions. Since its inception, it has participated in the advanced class of the competition 4 times, constantly improving on its results. The team is formed entirely of undergraduate students from the college with an aptitude and interests conducive to the competition. Currently the team has 29 members coming from all 4 departments of the college. For efficiency, the team is further divided into 5 departments that work in tandem towards the common goal. These are-:-

  • Design and Modelling team
  • DAS (Data Acquisition System) team
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) team
  • Materials and Inventory Management Team
  • Sponsorship and Documentation team

About The Competition

Team Vaayushastra is one of the constantly growing participants at the competition. In our maiden appearance at the competition, we exceeded all expectations by attaining an overall 10th rank internationally. The following year, in 2014, we secured a global 7th position overall. In the year 2015, the team attained the 1st position in the presentation round, superseding internationally reputed teams. We also improved on our previous overall rank and attained a 6th position besides turning up as the best team at the competition among all teams originating from the Asia-Pacific region. In the 2016 edition of the competition, we retained our 6th place while again outperforming all other teams from Asia-Pacific. In the latest edition of the competition, in March 2017, the team secured a 3rd position in the presentation round and an overall 5th rank. Also, we retained our reputation as the best team from the continent for the third year running.

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Our Achievements

Team Vaayushastra has a consistent record at the competition. In its debut appearance in the year 2013, the team exceeded all expectations by attaining a global 10th position. The following year in 2014, the team secured a global 7th position. In the year 2015, the team attained the 1st place in the Technical Presentation Round superseding reputed international teams. The team also improved on its previous overall rank and attained a global 6th position. In the latest competition in 2016, the team retained its global rank while outperforming every other team from the Asia-Pacific region.

We will fly.... much higher this year.
We need your help to build our wings.

Where does your money go?

The budget of the project is naturally high considering the various components that are required in the fabrication of the plane. There are various sensors that go onboard to assist in the dropping of the payload. The fabrication of the UAV is done with materials like carbon fibre, carbon rods, balsa wood, etc. which also add to the cost of the plane. The money that you provide us with goes a long way in making sure that we get all these components and materials. This in turn helps us in achieving a better result at the competition.


The mission that we have undertaken is quite ambitious. We require high quality materials and advanced techniques to handle these materials. Naturally, there are high costs involved with all of these things required. And this is where you can help us. You don't have to be a major corporate to sponsor us. A humble donation towards our crowdfunding campaign would help us just as well. A small donation by a large group of people transforms into a major boost to our dreams. For more details, please visit the link given under. Do contribute if possible and share it with your friends and family.

Our journey throughout the years


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Team Members

Team Vaayushastra is one the best performing student teams of Fr.CRCE, participating in the SAE AERO Competitions. Being an institution which focuses on creating quality engineers out of our students, we take pride in their achievements at competitions like these where real life engineering problems are combated by our able students. We welcome you to explore this website and join our students in their endeavour.

Prof.D.S.S. Sudhakar

Prof.Dipali Bhise

Every year, our team has been moving up the ranks by virtue of our hard work and unyielding passion. Our goal this year to make our nation proud and implement the current technology to lead the world into a better and brighter phase. We can only achieve this through a driven determination to complete the task at hand and quality leadership and guidance which we are more than happy to bestow upon them. As leaders, it is our primary duty to guide the young individuals to work as a group, instill in them the belief that they can complete the task at hand with minimal struggle and keep them on the right path all along.

Johney Xavier

Aditya Kelkar

The Design and Modelling team, a cardinal department of Vaayushastra, primarily focuses on the modelling and fabrication of the plane, apart from our involvement in other things. We aim to fly our plane as high as Icarus dreamed!

Bharat Kumavat

Vidhiksha Patel

Divya Ramachandran

Kartik Pavaskar

Rakesh Lode

Abhishek Nirmalraj

Kunal Bachim

Raul Murray

Shounak S. Bhise

Aditya Jadeja

DAS team handles the Data Aquisition Systems and the electrical power design of the UAV. Everything from selection ,or sometimes even fabrication of sensors,to interfacing is done entirely in house by the members of this team. We also set up the wireless communication required between the UAV and the ground station to control it and observe the various telemetry data. Addition mechanisms such as the payload development mechanism are also controlled over this wireless communication.

Aditya Desu

Omkar Khedkar

Vivian Serrao

Ishpreet Dham

The GUI team designs the Graphical User Interface for Team Vaayushastra. Basically, all data that comes to the ground station from the plane is displayed in an interactive UI. At the ground station, the various data are stored and analysed . Non-flight controls like the payload mechanism are also controlled at the ground station via the same UI.

Ruth Peter

Melita Saldanha

Christine Tharian

Juhi Checker

Atharva Atre

Ashley Lobo

Joshua Noronha

Material and Inventory Management- Starting off with Inventory Management , Inventory basically means a list of merchandise/goods held in a stock. Management of Inventory is managing the list of goods and merchandises present in the Stock. It is basically Segregation of tools/goods/merchandises in a proper way which helps the users to access those goods or merchandises in a convenient manner . It also helps the individual who controls the Inventory to get acquainted with the tools/merchandises/goods and their uses ( particularly for different processes ) . Material Management is managing materials ( Raw Materials as well as Finished Goods) ..

Shantanu Shirish

The sponsorship and documentation department mainly handles the accounts of the team. For this purpose we approach various companies who are intersted in being an investor in future technical talent. We also make sure the money you invest in us is used for the correct purposes. We aim to project visions and goals of team Vaayushastra to the multitude.

Dwayne Dmello

Shaun Gilson

Joann Tharian

Nishant Seth

Contact Details

Team Vaayushastra,
Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering,
Fr Agnel Ashram,Bandstand, Bandra (W),
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Johney Xavier(Captain):+91 8097001073

Aditya Kelkar(Vice Captain): +91 9987712055

Email Us @: vaayushastracrce@gmail.com

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